Who Killed Yassir Arafat?

I did.

It’s true.

I confess.

It was one of my first acts as a Zionist agent. I was actually a very young seal. I hated Arafat. I hated what he did in the name of his cause. I hated the terrorist attacks, the murders of innocents and I killed him. I did it day by day, wish by wish, until one day, he finally died.

Some say Arafat died of AIDS (that’s what I believe, but for those who love a conspiracy…), I did it.

Only now, to my great shock, the Arabs are daring to give credit to Mahmoud Dahlan for Arafat’s death. They say he poisoned him.

Look – it might have happened that way – but who do you think planted the idea in Dahlan’s head? I went by his bed every night for three months and whispered, “kill him; poison him.”


Well, I’m sorry – but the minute I heard that Arafat was dead, I knew that it was my doing. I’d wished it upon him for so long! Then again, I’m betting there were so many others that maybe this truly was a Zionist plot. Yes, there you go!

News item: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/146472

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