Sudanese Capture Zionist Vulture?

According to the Zionist news site, YNET:,7340,L-4316770,00.html

Wait…has anyone every accused YNET of being Zionist? Well, never mind – the bigger question is how the Sudanese can actually believe they captured a Zionist vulture. There are those who don’t believe Israel is actually using wild animals to push forward the Zionist agenda. Well, while I don’t love the concept of being wild (I did have a wild weekend in Eilat about a month ago, but otherwise, my life is pretty sedate)…I am living proof that Israel has a menagerie of agents working worldwide.

So, yeah, they probably captured Elmer the Vulture. I’ve been telling him that he should retire for years. The bird is 80 if he’s a day. Elmer is actually from Europe – the Balkans, to be exact. He’s been flying into Israel to get orders, on to Sudan to do the spying, and back to Jerusalem before returning to his summer home in the Balkans.

Note to Israelis – could you change the marking on the GPS – stop writing Jerusalem and Israel on it – you’re endangering us all. You thought the Arabs weren’t smart enough to catch on, but they are – I mean, they’ve caught those Zionist sharks, and the jellyfish. They even caught the wolf and the squirrel.

Naw, they haven’t caught me yet, but seriously – you gotta start changing the tags. Maybe write Syria – no one ever thinks the Syrian government is doing anything wrong!

Yeah, that’ll be the thing…I’ll pretend to be a Syrian seal…I wonder if the world would believe I’m a Zionist spy from Damascus?


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