Confession…I killed the sheriff…I mean…

I killed the Iranian scientists. I know…I know…

I couldn’t help myself – you see, somehow, these men got to thinking that it was okay to wipe out a nation of 7 million, including over 5 million Jews. I started this blog as a funny way to explain the insanity of these people who think that a shark can be a Zionist agent, a jellyfish can be part of a Zionist plot.

So let them believe. I’m a seal and I don’t even belong to the Navy but I am systematically targeting anyone and everyone within the Iranian infrastructure to stop their mad dash to a nuclear disaster. It was so simple and I got to use my favorite motorcycle again to drive past his car and just attach the wee-little bomb…

This was Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan’s car. He was a Director of Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility and a so-called expert on chemistry programs associated with nuclear development

The translation  – he knew enough about what Iran was doing to know that it was headed towards a nuclear bomb. Well, he knew…now he doesn’t know anymore. All I can say to the rest of Iran’s experts – somewhere, someway, there’s a seal waiting for you, or a shark, or a vulture, or maybe a Zionist penguin, a Zionist turtle…something, somewhere, sometime.

Happy hunting…to my fellow Mossad menagerie – swim or fly true.

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