Inshallah – May it be True

Inshallah is a great Arabic word. I’ve always loved the sound of it. It has one of two meanings – depending on how you use it. Typically, they say it means, “the will of God”- or “If it be the will of God”- or something like that. Second meaning is when you say it to a Palestinian leader.

Imagine a US President saying something like, “And God willing there will be peace in the Middle East” to a Palestinian leader. The Palestinian leader will quickly answer, “Inshallah”- but in this case, it has a slightly different meaning – closer to, “When pigs fly.”

In the meantime, a report is coming out of Lebanon and the first word that came to my mind was, “Inshallah,”- and here I clearly mean – Let it be God’s will!!

The report says Samir Kuntar has been injured in an explosion in Lebanon. I hope so. I so so hope so. And before you wonder how a quiet, loving seal could be so bloodthirsty, let me tell you what Samir Kuntar did…

He came to Israel from Lebanon, bent on murder. He looked for his target and found a young girl and her father. He dragged them down to the beach and there, in front of the girl, he murdered the father.

And then, he killed the little girl – with no mercy, no hesitation. In his demented, sick mind, he was fulfilling the will of Allah and so, in the name of Allah, I hope this report is true.

I’d love to confess and say I did it – but I don’t think they would trust a seal with a mission so honorable. Samir Kuntar was captured and put on trial. He sat in Israeli prison for many years until Israel was forced to give him up in a prisoner exchange.

Justice was served by an Israeli court and negated by politics. If Kuntar was targeted; if he was killed or even if he will “only” suffer long-term, horrible misery – a measure of justice has been returned.

Bloodthirsty? No – bloodthirsty is the ability to murder a man in front of his daughter and then, in cold blood, viciously take the life of a young child with your bare hands.

Perhaps the explosion took off Kuntar’s hands? That would be justice – to blow off the hands he used to murder a child.

Perhaps it blew out his eyes? That would be justice – he refused to see the child as a human being.

The one thing we can know for sure, even know before we confirm whether this Lebanese report is true or not, is that the blast did not damage Kuntar’s heart – he doesn’t have one; nor his humanity.

Whether today he lives or dies is not really an issue – there is a divine judgment in place for Samir Kuntar – the only question is when he will begin serving his eternal sentence in hell. Inshallah, may it be soon.




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