Iranian Nuclear Plant Opening Delayed – My Latest Op

It’s one of my pet projects. I have to tell you that I’ve become one of the Mossad’s main seals responsible for stopping the Iranians from going nuclear and I take this as one of my most important and long-term missions. I’ve known from the beginning that the Iranians wanted nuclear weapons and could only shake my head in absolute confusion when it took so many years to realize the same.

They want to destroy Israel. They want to do in seconds what it took Hitler more than 6 years to accomplish and this time, they want the destruction to be total and permanent. My family lives in Israel. Some day, I’ll marry and have little seals and I won’t let them get involved in this spy business. I hope they’ll live in a world of peace and never have to serve their country as I have had to serve it.

So, I do what I can, as I can. I have to tell you that though I didn’t program the Stuxnet virus, I did have a flipper involved in installing them in the nuclear reactors. It was painfully easy, I have to tell you. Can you imagine all those stupid Iranian guards patrolling and not one of them noticing a small Zionist seal sneaking right past them! I almost laughed out loud!

And now, my latest accomplishment! I’ve delayed the opening of their nuclear plant yet again! I can’t tell you yet what I did – but I did it and I’m so proud. Someday, someday, I’m going to tell this all to my future wife and she’ll be so proud!

Here’s a news story about my latest feat…no, it doesn’t say anything about me – but here it is…,7340,L-4105932,00.html

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