We Rule the Skies!

All the world, it seems, is united against the threat of a nuclear Iran – what more proof do we need than the drought in Iran. Of course, there are droughts all over the world – in some areas of the US, in most of the Middle East, deep in the heart of Africa…

But apparently, when it comes to Iran – it has to be a Zionist plot. And, in fact, the truth is…it is. Seals are usually more comfortable in the cool and gentle waters of this world, but the truth is I’ve been taking flying lessons and have learned to control the clouds! Each time the clouds get even close to Iran – yup, I take my little fighter jet, fully equipped with the latest cloud-poppers (not cloud poopers, you silly people), and pop the clouds. 

So, yes, it’s true again. I can’t believe how many of our great Zionist plots the Iranian leadership has identified….the squirrels…the computer viruses…the clouds…next they’ll figure out we’re going to be flying through Japan to bomb their nuclear reactors.

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