A Flaming Success

Wow, it’s been so long since I had time to just sit back, clap my fins and write. I was in Syria for a while – nasty place, really. They were so busy killing themselves, there was nothing for me to do. Got out of there and went to Turkey – man, are they nuts there.

So, I moved on to Iran – tons to do there. The Iranians are going all out on their nuclear plans. The problem, of course is that to accomplish what they want, they’ve decided to use technology – yeah see, the Nazis used guns and low tech solutions but the Iranians are all for hi-tech. Someone really ought to tell them Israel is like king of technology…or maybe not.

So, all I can say, as this is really all on the hush and hush here – is that my visit to Tehran and its environs was a flaming success. I mean – just flaming!

I’m a little annoyed that Moshe Ya’alon hinting that Israel was responsible for the Flame virus hitting Iran’s computer system. Sure, we did it, but you know, it takes a clever seal to get in there, plant the malware and then swim away free and easy. Plus, leaking that it was controlled from a remote computer – just absurd. Now I have to go and move my laptop when I was really looking forward to some quiet YouTube movies. On second thought…wait, they’d have to be sophisticated enough to track it to the laptop. Ah, right. Never mind.

So, after months of being underground, I’m going to catch up on the latest vids and sit back while Iran flames!

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