KABOOM, Beirut…

Look, I’m tired of this nonsense where Israel looks right, looks left and says, “Who me?”

And all the while, I’m swimming on to my next assignment knowing somehow that I’m not supposed to say – hey, I blew up Beirut!

Oh, that felt good…

Oh, and while we’re at it – while I might have had something to do with blowing up a Hezbollah fortress in the middle of Beirut (and like did the Lebanese government really think it was a good idea to allow it to be there?), I have to point out, I didn’t have anything to do with the deaths of 40+ Egyptians, 100,000 Syrians, the explosion today in Damascus, in Somalia. 

So – for all those crediting Israel with the Beirut bombing…please remember, Israel’s seals are hard at work. We might not have the same muscle as those Navy Seals in the States and we don’t even get a capital S, but hey, a bomb is a bomb and we blew Beirut today.

WOOHOO us….and for my next mission….

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