Sudan Arms Factory – It was Me, Weeeeee……..

It’s true – just before dawn this morning, I flew FOUR planes at the same time – actually, the truth is, I only flew one of them – I’m a seal, you know, not a magician. The other three were connected via strong cords (it was my idea to use dental floss, but the Mossad said they had something better).

So, I took off and one after the other – the other three planes took off too! I flew quietly down the Red Sea and made a right turn towards Africa – it was hard keeping all the planes that low over radar, but it was worth it!

Soon, I got to Khartoom – and bombs away – I blew up their arms manufacturing plant. KAABBBOOOOOMMMMMM…………………..

It was SO cool….and the best part is that those nasty arms can never get to Gaza, Al Qaida, Hezbollah as they were probably intended. Who knows? And I didn’t kill ANYONE…that was an added advantage.

I was thinking of dropping more bombs on Gaza today as I flew home. Last night and today, Gaza fired almost 90 missiles at Israel – hitting houses, damaging property and most seriously, killing two people and wounding two others. 

I wish I could find something funny about the situation in Gaza – but the truth is, if they don’t stop firing rockets, I’m betting the Mossad is going to send in the real forces – not just us animals, the Zionist seals, sharks, wolves, squirrels, etc. – but the most amazing of all – the lions of Judea…(and let me tell you, their roar can shake the world!).

So for now, I’m hoping to have a day off – I’ve been working hard in Iran, Syria, Libya, and now Sudan. Honestly, how much can one seal do? I need a vacation…maybe in Bali?

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