Turkey Time

I don’t like to write what my orders are in advance. It’s not too smart, but this time, I’m so excited! I’m going to Turkey!

I was going to fly from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, but after I heard about how they treated the Israeli passengers – detaining them, confiscating their passports, I decided NO WAY. So, I’m going to swim there. I’m a seal, remember! Not a Navy Seal…but hey, seals swim.

Look for me in the news! I’m so excited. Can you imagine what I can do in Turkey? I have to admit, it isn’t my first visit. I was there years ago. I stayed in a really nice hotel…I never told anyone, but the hotel had a blackout while I was there. I was supposed to sneak into a Hamas terrorist’s room while he was vacationing in the same resort. He was out by the pool with his four wives, so I was going to sneak into his room.

I figured if I cut the power to the hotel, the elevators would go out and he’d stay downstairs. It was great. I had this electric water heating thing. I plugged it in and it blew the WHOLE hotel!

So, I went to his room, found the papers detailing some really great Hamas secrets, and left. Later, just for the fun of it, I dived into the pool. The wives were screaming that they’d seen a shark, but honestly, the Zionist sharks were in Egypt, not Turkey!

Why is it whenever someone thinks of some scary Zionist agent in the water, they only think about a shark? You don’t think a seal can be scary?

Anyway – if I’m slow to update the blog in the next few days, just remember – it’s Turkey time!

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One Response to Turkey Time

  1. Enjoy the Hookas…if seals actually can do the Hooka.

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