Need Fresh Recruits! Zionist Crocodiles

or are they alligators?

To be honest, I don’t want to get too close to check! I’ve succeeded in my latest Zionist plot. I sneaked into the crocodile farm in the Jordan Valley to release a Zionist crocodile. I found a really nice one. His name is Yosele. That sounds like a Jewish mafia name, right?

Yosele the Croc! So I free him. The problem is…his friends wanted to come along. I tried to tell them no, but have you ever tried arguing with a crocodile? Last I looked…which wasn’t too often because I was too busy staying ahead of them, there were more than 60 of them following me. I got Yosele into the getaway van just as the security alarms went off. I threw a blanket over him and as we drove away, no one was paying any attention to us.

I checked the news. They found 63 of them, but Yosele is free and in training. Soon, soon he will join the great Zionist cause. What a great victory for Israel! Oh, and if you’re driving on Route 90 for the next few days and need to take a bathroom break – maybe you want to keep driving and only stop when you get north of Beit Shean?


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