I am Ofer Harari

There, I’ve confessed it. My name is Ofer Harari (or it was).

I’ve confessed it. I hope the Mossad won’t mind. The Egyptians have already blown my cover and identified me as an Israeli spy. They say I fled the country before they could catch me but the truth is, all I did was slip into the water (by the way, whoever is in charge of their environmental agency should be shot…what pollution!) and swim away.

Mossad plot? Well, maybe just a wee bit but you can’t expect Israel not to spy on its neighbors. The amazing part, of course, is that they rarely think of us as humans…they think we’re just a bunch of animals.

Oh wait, we are. We are a legion of animals – sharks, vultures, jellyfish, wolves, and yes, one or two seals – all determined to protect Israel. I don’t often get mushy about my job, but I have to tell you, I wouldn’t swim for any other country; wouldn’t work so hard to protect it.

Yeah, I was in Egypt – but now I’m not. So – Egyptians…you can forget about Ofer Harari – it was a fake passport anyway. And no, I’m not 170 meters tall with black hair and dark eyes – I’m short and I have a tail and flippers!

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One Response to I am Ofer Harari

  1. miro says:

    To Ofer,
    You’ll face a surprise soon….I hope you like it…….sent to you by me and signed by the spell of a person who was born 7000 years ago…(A Pharaoh who uses the curse of the mummy to burn his enemies alive even if they 10000000KM away, in a swimming pool)…..
    I just hope you like it…but you won’t live to express your opinion.

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