Give me a little credit…sheesh

You know – half the time, when I don’t do something, I get credit anyway and then, when I do it…they ignore me. It is more than a little frustrating for a seal to try to figure out how to get humans to place the blame (or credit) properly.

The Palestinians are smart that way – they claim credit for everything – even the things they don’t do. A car’s tire explodes – some Palestinian organization claims credit. A rocket lands, three claim credit. It actually hits something…man, every organization from Gaza to Jenin is screaming they did it.

The Mossad has this stupid policy. I hate it. No credit for work we do. That assassination – the one in Dubai – it took the Dubai-ese to announce it was a Mossad plot – and then they started announcing how many agents were involved. By the time they got to about 100, no one was believing them.

Sad thing was, it wasn’t even the Mossad – it was his wife’s grandmother. She hated him from the day he showed up at their door wanting their pretty little daughter as his third wife! What an insult – third wife!

Anyway, here they go again. I had this great operation in Turkey this week. What do they mean “suspected bomb”? It went boom, didn’t it?

And why should the PKK get credit. It was a Zionist plot! Reuters got it wrong again – no surprise there, but still. Do you need me to leave a Jewish star calling card? Sheesh!

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