Zionist Hands? Not Mine…

As I’ve already confessed here, I wasn’t responsible for the Norway attacks. I wasn’t in the area and after a complete check of all Mossad files (yes, I have complete access to all secret, super-secret, upper-secret, mostly-secret, sometimes-secret, and really-really-really secret files), I can confirm Israel did not have anything to do with the Norway attacks.

In fact, no Jew lived within a three block radius of the killer for all of his miserable life! In fact, no Jew or Israeli ever sold him any milk products and he only bought one suit from a Jewish tailor – and he complained for a month that it didn’t fit well. No, this one can’t possibly be blamed on us! No sane person would blame Israel for….

And this just in…Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Major-General Hassan Firouzabadi has said “Any examination [of the] causes and intentions behind the Norway attack will be useless without searching for hands of Zionists involved in the attack.”

Oh, that’s okay then, after all, I did say no sane person would blame Israel for the attack – and, I guess I’m right.

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