Norway Terror…and I didn’t even do it…

I was no where near Norway during the terrorist attacks last week. I can’t tell you where I am – it’s secret (and I’m actually a bit lost so I need to figure out how to get this stupid GPS working. I think it got damaged in the sea.

Anyway, I didn’t do the Norway thing – unlike our enemies, I don’t target kids.

But I’m going to get blamed. I know I am. Turns out, just 48 hours before the attack, the kids in the youth camp were discussing the Israel-Palestinian conflict and after listening to the Deputy Foreign Minister blame Israel for this and that…demanded Norway boycott Israel.

Yeah, it was stupid – like they can understand the situation here; like they’ve lived with what we have for decades. Oh, wait – now they can say they have experienced the horrors of a terrorist attack. Like our attacks, it came from within their borders. Maybe, actually, they’ll have it harder because in our case, even if the attackers came from within Israel geographically, no one can say they were raised on Israeli or Zionist ideals. No – Arab terrorists are raised as Muslims, to martyrdom for Allah.

This guy in Norway – I think he was demented. Crazy. I don’t know. That’s something the Norwegians have to live with. But I wonder if they’d be so fast to call for a boycott of Israel if they had to live with terrorist attacks like this one every week.

No question, it was a horrible tragedy. Ironic that just days before, they were discussing OUR problems…instead of their own.

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