Never a Dull Moment – Karachi Today

There is never a dull moment as a Mossad spy and as one of the main instigators of the Zionist Plot conspiracy theory. Today, I’m busy in Karachi, Pakistan. Something like 95 people have been killed in the last few days as a result of shooting rampages and other violence. Arson is rampant, attacks on civilians, buses – it’s a mess!

And, I’ve been discovered again – this time by the Interior Minister Rehman Malik. That’s right. Only a matter of days and he’s already figured out it was a Zionist plot. It’s bad enough he knows, but did he have to try to blow my cover?

He announced to the press: “Weapons are being brought to Karachi from abroad.  Not only weapons even target killers also were coming from outside. Over 200 persons have been arrested and Israel-made weapons, including AK-45s, have been recovered from them. This proves that a foreign hand is behind the unrest in Karachi.”

How did he know? The AK-45s?

I did a search on Google – yes, even Mossad seals look on Google. It seems the AK-45 gun was never used. I found a reference for AK-47s, but they were made in the former Soviet Union. You know, the most frustrating part of all these accusations against the Zionists could be easily proven false if people would just bother to search and find the truth.

Sure, we must be behind the unrest in Karachi; I mean – if the Interior Ministry says so…and I am here, of course. No one will believe that I just wanted to take a break from taking over Malaysia.

So, what will tomorrow bring? It’s been an exciting week – how knows where I’ll be tomorrow!

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